Angel and Equity Investors

Our Range of Investment Consulting Services include

  • Angels/Business Loans

  • Equity Funding and Financing

  • Asset Allocation Studies

  • Manager Selection and Monitoring

  • Master Trustee/Custodian Searches & Fee Negotiation

  • Independent Performance Measurement and Return Verification

  • Monthly Portfolio Analysis/Monitoring, Including Risk Assessment

  • Comprehensive Quarterly Reporting

  • Establishment of Investment Objectives, Goals and Restrictions

  • Unlimited Meetings

  • Customized Projects

  • Donor Forums

  • Educational Forums

  • Portfolio Transitions



All businesses need to obtain finance from time to time. A business loan will normally be required when you start up your company, to pay for the necessary infrastructure and commence trading before your profits start to roll in. Obviously, the size of the business loan that you will need will depend on the nature of your new business: setting up a property agent office will probably be substantially cheaper than building a huge shopping mall. All the same around which scale it goes, we help you to find the right investor for your business. We are your business loan specialists. No matter whether it concerns venture capital, private loan, commercial loan, small business loan or unsecured business loan.



Private equity financing is generally meant for those who are seeking funds for their start-up, as a first or second round of financing, late-stage funding for an equity loan, or for the purpose of a merger or acquisition.

 Equity funding is the process whereby an investor will lend funds to a project promoter/owner, and in return the project owner will surrender a percentage of ownership of his project or company. The percentage of ownership is dependent on a number of factors, but in general it is based on the value of the company at the moment when the equity investment is established. Eventually, the project owner may buy back those shares from the investor.


The main advantage of private equity funding is that, as the investor buys a share of the company, there are no recurring payments as would have been found in debt financing.  If you have a project and are considering equity funding or a mix of a debt/equity financing, contact Invest Managers who have years and career’s worth of experience in project financing and equity funding.


Invest Managers’ Venture Capital division provides a broad range of expertise in the areas of corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, public offerings, equity investments and capital placement transactions for projects involving new technologies, alternative energy, franchises and other unique products and services.


Asset Allocation Studies

Asset Allocation is the process of distributing resources across different asset classes. The cornerstone of asset allocation is diversification, an essential goal for every responsible investor. Asset Allocation starts with an analysis of the client’s current allocation. Once a baseline is established, alternative asset allocation scenarios are built, along with the implications of each major change. Implications include a review of the risk and return expectations along with expectation of loss. This discussion also includes future value modeling to give the client a look at the downside value of any of the changes versus their current allocation.


Manager Selection and Monitoring

A fund is often as successful as the person who manages it, and choosing a good manager must be a systematic and comprehensive process. Invest Managers has a unique, systematic method to research, assess and choose the most appropriate managers for each placement. The fund manager selection process is created based on criteria established by an organization’s Investment Policy Statement. But it’s not just about the numbers, a manager's style and risk tolerance is as important as the level of return.


To ensure that a client’s best interests are always represented, Invest Managers believes that fiduciaries must exercise due diligence in the final selection process. In addition, to be truly objective in selecting the right manager, it must be a completely impartial process. Invest Managers is completely independent and objective. 


Master Trustee/Custodian Searches & Fee Negotiation

To help companies choose a master trustee/custodian, Invest Managers applies the same systematic, comprehensive care we use when evaluating the investment manager community. Ongoing research and constant evaluation of the master trustees/custodians means we have the most current, relevant information available for our clients. When conducting a master trustee/custodian search, we will request proposals, evaluate responses and present a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

 We can also help clients prepare for finalist presentations, coordinate on-site visits or interviews (as necessary), negotiate or provide insight on fees and serve as a resource during the transition period.